Latimer Achieves Development Finance Professional Certification

Carrie Latimer, Financial Analyst for Gulf Coast Authority (GCA), recently completed the Development Finance Certified Professional program sponsored by the Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA). CDFA announced the latest graduates from their prestigious program and stated, “The CDFA team is happy to welcome Carrie into the ranks of Development Finance Certified Professional (DFCP) graduates. She is a great ambassador of the DFCP program and embodies the best and brightest in the development finance industry.”

“GCA is thrilled to have Carrie on our team.” said Elizabeth Fazio Hale, General Manager/CEO of GCA. “Carrie will be a tremendous asset in the further development of GCA finance and debt management l programs.”

GCA has the authority to own and operate regional industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, water systems, and solid waste facilities statewide. GCA supports both environmental protection and economic development in Texas by providing administrative, operational, and technical services, as well as financial services which support industrial development bonds and private activity bonds.