GCA Protects Texas Waters

Gulf Coast Authority (GCA) celebrated its 50th Anniversary of protecting the waters of Texas in 2019. GCA is a governmental entity created by the Texas legislature in 1969 with the broad charge to protect the waters of the state of Texas, focused primarily at that time on Galveston Bay watershed, and we take our mission very seriously.

GCA has the authority to own and operate regional industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, water systems, and solid waste facilities statewide and also has the authority to issue bonds for a variety of projects.


Our mission is to protect the waters of the state of Texas through environmentally sound, economically feasible and technologically advanced wastewater and water management practices.


Your plant and the environment – how can you cost-effectively balance the needs of both under today’s regulatory scene?  Gulf Coast Authority (GCA) is the answer! We provide the following services:

GCA is authorized by its enabling act to build, acquire, own and operate wastewater treatment facilities and related appurtenances and currently provides both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment services in Texas. Unique in Texas, we operate our specially designed industrial wastewater treatment plants under an exemption from federal categorical pretreatment standards for industrial wastewater. The exemption allows GCA to treat wastewater from diverse industrial customers without requiring them to install and operate costly, redundant pretreatment equipment. Our industrial customers benefit from foregoing the capital and operating expense of unnecessary pretreatment systems.

June 14, 2013, marked a significant milestone for GCA—and for the state of Texas. On that day, Governor Rick Perry signed legislation that expands GCA’s role beyond municipal and industrial wastewater treatment to enable the Authority to build, own and operate water systems including pipelines, conduits, canals, pumping stations, force mains, plants, storage and other facilities used for the treatment, collection or distribution of water disposal systems and treatment facilities for brackish, re-use and non-potable surface or saline water.

GCA is authorized by its enabling act to build, acquire, own and operate solid waste facilities and related appurtenances.  GCA owns and operates the Campbell Bayou Facility which is a non-commercial industrial solid waste landfill. We operate the facility under contract with several industries in the Texas City Area and have additional capacity available for contract.

GCA’s individual facility laboratories were consolidated into a single Central Laboratory in 1991. While the facilities still perform some basic analysis, the heavy lifting is accomplished at the Central Laboratory, which processes 400 samples daily. Test results are generally available same day.

GCA supports Texas economic development and environmental protection by providing financing services.

Our expertise is collaborating with industry and municipalities to provide the highest level of wastewater treatment, industrial water supply, financial and other waste management services. We would welcome the opportunity to serve you!

Cost effective wastewater management for over 90 industrial customers

For more than 50 years, it has been our mission to protect the waters of the state of Texas and we take that mission very seriously. Our expertise in environmental management can make a difference in your operation.