Gulf Coast Authority’s Technical Services Director Levine to Retire – Sandhu to take role in early 2022

After 40-plus years at Gulf Coast Authority, Technical Services Director Leonard Levine will be retiring, effective February 2022. Jonathan Sandhu, currently Assistant Director – Technical Services, will be promoted to the role following Levine’s retirement.

“Leonard has been instrumental in the many industrial wastewater treatment innovations GCA has pioneered over the past decades,” said Elizabeth Fazio Hale, GCA Chief Executive Officer/General Manager. “His creative approaches and practical solutions – as well as his willingness to share his expertise with others – has burnished both his and the Authority’s reputation for protecting the waters of Texas.”

Levine graduated with a degree in environmental engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1972 just before passage of the Clean Water Act, putting him on the front lines of the revolution in wastewater treatment. From the development of new technologies for sources to building practical applications to training operators, Levine has done it all in almost 50 years in the field. Joining GCA in 1980, he has served as Technical Director for the past 20 years where he has oversight of technology selection, design, and operation for all GCA facilities. He has pioneered many treatment technologies and regulatory efforts, including disinfection methods, emission controls, innovative pH adjustment methods, and produced water regulations.

“Leonard has been instrumental in helping build the Authority’s industry-leading capabilities as GCA grew in its mission,” said Gordon Pederson, GCA’s Chief Technical Officer. “His understanding of process, engineering prowess, and creative flair have helped him and his team problem-solve and develop innovative technological approaches that have since been adopted across the field.”

His service has been recognized most recently with the Water Environment Association of Texas’ (WEAT) Winfield S. Mahlie Award for significant contributions to the art and science of wastewater treatment and water pollution control.

“Being part of the early days of industrial wastewater treatment – and particularly serving in the only large industrial wastewater treatment entity in the U.S. – has made for a fascinating career,” Levine said. “Looking back, there are many firsts to be proud of – GCA truly was and is a pioneer in this space. I am excited to see what the future holds in the wastewater and water treatment arena and look forward to GCA continuing its tradition of cutting-edge approaches to balancing the environment and the economy.”

Upon Levine’s retirement, Sandhu will be promoted to Technical Director. He joined GCA in 2020 from Brown and Caldwell, where he was Industrial Water Chemical and Energy lead, providing water/wastewater treatment consulting to refineries, chemical and petrochemical facilities, and served as its Houston Office Leader.

Gulf Coast Authority ( was created by the Texas Legislature in 1969 to protect the waters of the state of Texas through environmentally sound, economically feasible and technologically advanced wastewater and water management practices. GCA provides regional industrial and municipal wastewater treatment services, solid waste management, industrial water services, and financial services – all with the goal to protect the environment, preserve water resources, and promote industrial development for a strong economy.