Gulf Coast Authority Board of Directors Recognizes Employees

Gulf Coast Authority (GCA) Board of Directors passed resolution 2021-02 recognizing and honoring employees for their efforts during the winter storms of February 2021. The resolution states, “GCA employees exhibited exceptional commitment, expertise, and great teamwork that foster safe and rapid recovery of GCA facilities under these extraordinary circumstances.”

Winter storms Uri and Viola hit Texas hard in February of 2021, leaving millions without power and water. As citizens struggled to stay warm and find potable water supplies, GCA employees were on the frontline serving communities and industries to keep our environment clean of unpermitted wastewater discharges.

“It is times like these that we must recognize the heroic efforts of our employees who are essential workers,” said Frank Jones, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Our personnel are essential workers who worked to meet the mission under very challenging circumstances,” added Liz Fazio Hale, CEO/GM. “For that we are all very thankful.”