TWDB Appoints First Regional Flood Planning Group Members; GCA’s Scott Harris Selected To Serve Trinity Region

AUSTIN, OCTOBER 1, 2020 – The board of directors of the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) appointed its first members to serve on 15 regional flood planning groups (RFPGs), selecting Scott Harris, Chief Operating Officer of Gulf Coast Authority, to represent water authorities in the Trinity River region. Over 600 nominations were received by the TWDB Executive Administrator for the initial voting membership of the RFPGs.

“GCA is proud to participate in the flood planning process to help water utilities plan for and mitigate risks associated with flood damage,” said Scott Harris. “With many of our facilities located along the coast, I am thankful to the state of Texas for prioritizing these planning efforts and to the Texas Water Development Board for quickly implementing the process.”

In 2019, the Texas Legislature established a framework for regional flood planning across the state of Texas. Senate Bill 8 (86th Texas Legislature) required the TWDB to establish flood planning regions, appoint initial members of those regions, provide technical and financial assistance, adopt guidance principals, and create rules for a cyclical five-year flood planning process. The first regional flood plans will be due no later than January 10, 2023.

Gulf Coast Authority ( was created by the Texas Legislature in 1969 to protect the waters of the state of Texas through environmentally sound, economically feasible and technologically advanced wastewater and water management practices. GCA provides regional industrial and municipal wastewater treatment services, solid waste management, industrial water services and financial services – all with the goal to protect the environment, preserve water resources and promote industrial development for a strong economy.