Levine Receives Prestigious WEAT Award

Gulf Coast Authority (GCA) is proud to announce that Leonard Levine is the 2021 recipient of the Water Environment Association of Texas’ (WEAT) Winfield S. Mahlie Award. The Winfield S. Mahlie Award is given by WEAT to a person who has “made significant contributions to the art and science of wastewater treatment and water pollution control.”

Levine joined GCA in 1980 and has served as the Technical Director for the past 20 years. During this time, he has pioneered many treatment technologies and regulatory efforts, including disinfection methods, emission controls, innovative pH adjustment methods, and produced water regulations.
“GCA accepts and treats complex wastewater from over 90 industries and Leonard is one of the main reasons we can achieve this. Leonard is able to understand the compositions and challenges of an industrial facility’s wastewater then determine treatment required to remain within permit compliance,” said Gordon Pederson, Chief Technical Officer of GCA.

In addition, Levine is a former recipient of the WEAT Life Membership Award and has been actively involved in WEAT for over 40 years.

“GCA is thrilled to have Leonard recognized for his many contributions to wastewater technology” said Elizabeth Fazio Hale, General Manager/CEO of GCA. “Leonard is an outstanding asset not only to GCA but to the great water and wastewater profession.”