GCA Facilities Receive Prestigious NACWA Awards for Stellar Compliance

In 2017 for the second year in a row, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) recognized all five Gulf Coast Authority (GCA) wastewater treatment facilities, which earned a combination of Platinum, Gold, and Silver Peak Performance Awards, for consistently outstanding permit compliance. The Platinum7 Award represents seven consecutive years of 100-percent compliance, while Gold Awards represent one calendar year with no permit violations and Silver Awards celebrate facilities for having no more than five violations within a calendar year.

GCA’s 40-Acre Facility was awarded a Platinum7 Peak Performance Award in recognition of seven years of exemplary National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit compliance.

GCA’s Bayport, Washburn Tunnel, and Blackhawk Facilities were awarded Gold Peak Performance Awards, in recognition of their collective stellar permit compliance.

GCA’s Odessa South Facility received a Silver Peak Performance Award in recognition of its collective and consistent permit compliance last year.

All five of these GCA wastewater treatment facilities were also awarded Peak Performance Awards in 2016. This outstanding accomplishment signifies GCA’s and NACWA members’ commitment to environmental protection and represents the diligence and hard work of each agency’s employees.

“GCA is honored to be a part of this level of excellence in environmental protection, for which all NACWA members strive,” said Lori Traweek, general manager of GCA.

In addition to the NACWA awards, GCA’s Washburn Tunnel Facility was recognized by the Water Environment Association of Texas with the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Year Award. This award is based on compliance and safety performance during a two-year period and was recently presented to GCA at the annual Water Environmental Association of Texas meeting in San Antonio. The award was given to GCA because of its consistent and outstanding performance of daily activities that go beyond the call of duty. GCA Washburn Tunnel Facility Manager Phyllis Frank, GCA COO Scott Harris, GCA Chairman of the Board Frank Jones, and GCA Board Member Mark Schultz accepted the award.

Since its inception, GCA’s primary focus has been regional industrial wastewater treatment that serves the petrochemical industry. GCA currently operates several regional facilities — like its Bayport facility — that serve primarily chemical companies and two municipalities. The Washburn Tunnel Facility, located on the Houston Ship Channel, serves both refineries and chemical companies in addition to other facilities.

“We collaborate with industry and municipalities to provide the highest level of wastewater treatment, industrial water supply, financial and other waste management services,” Traweek said.

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